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Best Squirrel Traps in 2020 – How to get rid of squirrels - Reviews

Best Squirrel Traps – How to get rid of squirrels

Squirrels can pose a serious threat to your home. That is why people tend to look for a squirrel trap to eradicate them easy and clean. It is very important to think of effective squirrel traps as soon as you spot them running around your attic and garden. If you don’t consider it serious enough, you might have to deal with a lot of risky consequences like broken wires, stinky smell and health problems. Worried about the squirrel infestations in your house?  Don’t panic. Read on to know some of the best ways to how to get rid of squirrels in your home. Our teams recommendation for the best squirrel trap is Eliminator8482 Squirrel Trap. This trap is a safe bet for professionals or first time squirrel catchers.

Prevention is better than cure

Trapping squirrels can be quite a challenging task; therefore, it is wise to control them even before they attack your attic. The first and foremost technique that you need to remember is to seal off your attic and close any small hole/opening. This is one of the best ways to get a squirrel out of your attic.

Squirrel traps

Choosing the right kind of traps is very important. Get the size and location of the trap right if you want to know how to get eradicate squirrels successfully. Choose the best squirrel trap after analyzing various options.

Types of squirrel traps

The key is to choose the right traps to do the job. Wondering how to do it? Here are a few tips that will help you with this task.

Squirrels trap is of two main types – live trap and spring trap. Let us now look at a brief overview of these traps so that we will get a better idea on the one that we need to choose to get rid of squirrels.

Live trap – A live trap, also known as a cage trap is the one that is used on the ground to catch the squirrels live. In other words, these are ground squirrel traps. Baits are placed inside these traps to attract the squirrels into them. While these cage traps are simple to use and find, there are a couple of disadvantages to this. The cage traps are easy to bite into; therefore, it can be damaged by other animals like rodents. The baits are stolen as well, leaving these cage traps useless to traps squirrels.

Spring trap – These are also known as lethal squirrel traps. Therefore, as the name suggests, these trips are used to kill squirrels, unlike the live cage traps. These traps are highly effective in getting the squirrels killed, thanks to the spring mechanism that they use. However, they are quite risky to set up. If you do not read the instructions carefully, you can cause permanent damage to your fingers.

One-way exclusion doors – These are the traps that have only one way to get in. They resemble a mesh-like area where there are repeated traps available. A squirrel that gets inside is sure to get blocked inside as it doesn’t have any way to get outside. Since these traps are constructed as part of your building, you have to be careful about the material being used. You don’t want the squirrels to chew these traps and cause damage to your construction, do you?

Some of the best squirrel traps

It is a very difficult task to point fingers at one particular trap and term it as the best. Traps depend on the size of squirrels, the locality of your home, intensity of infestations and other factors. Listed below are three amazing squirrels trap that proves to be a blessing for you if you have been wondering how to get rid of squirrels in the attic.

Eliminator’s Electronic Rat and Rodent Trap

This electric trap is considered to be one of the best How to catch a squirrel at home environment.squirrel traps ever, because of its amazing precision detection technology. This trap is not only used for killing squirrels instantly, but it can also be used for other disturbing elements like rats and chipmunks as well.  These models of squirrel catchers are considered to be safe because they do the work neatly with the help of the 7000V of electric shock that they emit. There is no discharge of any toxic gases or chemicals into the air, making this trap safe to be used even if you have kids or older adults at home. Once you insert the batteries and plug the trap to power, the trap gets activated automatically. It detects the squirrels and kills them instantly without any mess.

PestZilla™ Electronic Rodent Trap

This is an electric squirrel trap and is considered toSquirrel catcher you can afford. be one of the best ways to get rid of rats, mice and squirrels from your home. This trap is very easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the instructions, insert the batteries and plug on the trap to power. These  traps emit a whopping 7000V of electric shock, which kills squirrels instantly. These lethal traps are multi-functional and can be used on all kinds of rodents.

Rugged Ranch Products SQO Squirrelinator with Basin

Best live trap for squirrels.

Do you have lots of squirrels damaging your home? If yes, try this product that helps you to eliminate more than one squirrel within a few hours. This squirrel trap can help you catch multiple squirrels thanks to its big basin and double entry door system. You can now place simple squirrel baits and bait the predators into this trap. This squirrelinator is a live trap for squirrels, therefore you don’t have to feel guilty about getting them killed. This trap can be used to capture at least four big squirrels at one point. Keep checking your trap regularly to remove or relocate the trapped squirrels.

Squirrel Bait

Once you have chosen the squirrels trap, it is important to choose the right squirrel bait so that you woo the squirrels to the traps that you have created. Some of the best baits are walnuts, fruits, peanut butter and bread crusts. Once you place them well inside the squirrel trap, the animal has to get inside to eat the food and thus gets trapped.

Baby squirrels enjoy the attic!

More often than not, it is the baby squirrel that enjoys the attic a lot. A mother squirrel occupies your attic when she is about to give birth. However, you don’t notice any noise during this time, because the mother is very quiet. In a week or so, she gives birth to her babies, and it is only when they start running around that you notice the noise/disturbance.

You can also resort to some of these natural traps to get squirrels out of your attic:

  • Are the squirrels causing harm to your bird feeders? Mix some safflower seeds in them. While these seeds don’t do any harm to the birds, they do a great job in keeping squirrels away due to their bitter taste.
  • Flashlights are very annoying and disturbing for squirrels. Fit a few lights on your attic and gardens.
  • Mix pepper spray with some vinegar and apply to the entry points of the roof and attic. This will help keep the squirrels away.
  • Ammonia is one of the best ways to get rid of squirrels. Dip some old clothes in ammonia and keep them in areas where you spotted squirrels earlier. They will be gone forever!

Points to remember before knowing how to set a squirrel trap

  • Ensure that you set your traps on the roofs of your house and not on the attics. Yes, squirrels do enjoy the attics; however, that is not the way through which they enter your homes. It is the roofs that you have to focus. Set the traps on the entry points of the roofs to control the entry of squirrels and other rodents. If you have been thinking of the best way of how to get rid of squirrels in the attic, you should first focus on blocking the roofs.
  • While peanut butter and apple slices are great squirrel baits, you can also keep slices of orange as baits during the summer seasons. This is the time when these little predators would be dehydrated. Hence, they feel attracted towards the water in citrus fruits like orange.
  • When you are using lethal squirrel traps, you need to be sure of the legality of your particular locality. In some states, killing squirrels and other rodents is considered to be an illegal activity. If your state bans the killing of squirrels, it is better to stay away from these lethal traps. Instead, you can buy live traps for squirrels, catch them humanely and then relocate the predator to a safe location.

Squirrel Poison

Traps and natural home remedies are not the only way to get rid of squirrels from your attic. You can also squirrel poison to kill them. While the success rate is not as high as what a live or lethal trap might offer, squirrel poison is still being commonly followed in many places today. There are many ways in which you can use this poison to get rid of squirrels forever.  Some of the commonly used methods of squirrel poison are:

Rat poison – You can spread rat poison in entry points on the roof as they are the common areas through which squirrels enter your homes. However, not many people resort to this technique because this gives out a very foul and irritating smell. If you have small kids at home, it is best to stay away from this method as the smell emanating from this can cause respiratory issues for them.

Anticoagulants – These are mainly used to suffocate squirrels, but the process is not instant. When these are placed in your house, squirrels take around 2 to 3 days to suffocate in the chemicals present in the anticoagulants and die.

Strychnine – When you use this toxic chemical in the bait, it causes death in squirrels within two hours of consumption. The squirrel undergoes various painful symptoms like seizures and tremors before passing out forever.

Just One Bite – Predominantly designed for killing mice, this bait is quite effective for poisoning and killing squirrels as well. Once squirrels take one bit of this powerful squirrel poison, they die within hours.

How effective or legal is squirrel poison?

Squirrel poison is not a legal product anywhere in the world. Rat poison is mostly used to poison squirrels, and the results are not very effective. Poisoning one squirrel and killing it will not prevent your attic from further infestations. When a squirrel consumes poison, it doesn’t die instantly. It takes a few hours for the process to start. During this time, the squirrel moves to some other place in your house and then dies there. Locating a dead squirrel and disposing of it becomes a huge challenge. Therefore, traps are considered to be more effective for getting rid of these predators than squirrel poison.

If you are still looking for a poisonous product to keep squirrels at bay, the following one is a good deal:

JT Eaton 709-AP Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait For Mice and Rats

As the product’s name suggests, it can be used to attract mice and rodents predominantly. However, it helps to keep squirrels in check as well. Since it contains effective anticoagulants, it will kill the squirrels within few hours of consumption. Product proves to give you full value for your money as it is designed to eradicate squirrels and rodents completely.


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