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Best Turtle Traps to Choose From - Professionals Review - KBMDC

Buying Guide on which Turtle Trap to Choose

Best Turtle Traps on the Market – Reviewed

There’s a lot more that goes into trapping turtles than most people realize – especially if you want to trap them humanely, safely, and have every opportunity to relocate them later down the line.

Not only do you have to find out exactly where the turtles you are trying to trap are located, where their most common pathways and routes of travel are, and where their food sources are located but you also have to find traps that can be set up in places more traditional options simply cannot operate in – particularly in wetlands, swampy areas, and even right in the middle of the pond.

Turtles, after all, have absolutely zero trouble whatsoever lapping it up and swimming in mucky, muddy water that most of us have no real interest in wadding out into. Finding traps that excel in these kinds of conditions is a big piece of the puzzle and that’s why we put together this quick guide.

Below you’ll find what we consider to be the very best of the best when it comes to turtle traps on the market today. Each and every one of these options is humane, will give you every opportunity to trap turtles 100% alive and not injured, and are easy enough to operate even if you haven’t used a turtle trap at all in the past.

Best of all, a couple of these turtle traps can be used to trap other small animals or pests as well. The versatility in a couple of these options definitely helps put them over the top compared to other turtles only options.

Let’s dive right in!

Pond King Floating Turtle Trap

Perhaps the very best turtle trap available on the market today, and certainly one of the best floating turtle traps money can buy, you are going to have to spend a little bit of extra money to get your hands on this option but almost everyone agrees that it is well worth it.

Pond King Floating Turtle Trap at best price on the market.Right out of the box you are going to notice just how strong and durable this turtle trap really is. Manufactured entirely out of 100% welded aluminum frame and stainless steel hinge material, this is one tough customer.

This isn’t the kind of trap that’s going to fall apart when it is submerged in some pretty nasty conditions and it isn’t a trap that is going to start to degrade after it’s been exposed to ponds and swamps for various amounts of time.

Instead, this trap is going to stand the test of time and will be operating like brand-new decades down the line because of its construction materials and intelligent engineering.

The PVC coated galvanized panels and flotation devices act as molded vinyl fenders to give this floating turtle trap extra buoyancy, keeping your turtle secure while at the same time guaranteeing that its health and well-being are not to ever in jeopardy when it is inside of the trap.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that this trap can accommodate up to 50 adult turtles (depending on their size, obviously) with the extra wide flippers while at the same time preventing any potential escape.

Just one of these big boys is usually more than enough to accommodate smaller ponds it also gives individuals looking to control turtle populations a fantastic choice without having to break their bank account into tiny little pieces buying a bunch of different traps.

Read what lucky owners have to say about this trap yourself by clicking here!


Pros Cons
  • Incredibly durable construction materials guarantee that this turtle trap lasts for years and years
  • Smooth operation is possible thanks to the intelligent engineering
  • Can accommodate up to 50 adult turtles with wide flippers
  • Absolutely no potential for escape and also secures turtles safely and humanely
  • A little bit on the more expensive side of things
  • Big, bulky, and heavy during initial setup and retrieval



Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Turtle Trap

Another of the top contenders when it comes to floating turtle trap options, this particular unit leverages the same kind of smart “walk right up and fall right in” design as the previous trap that we reviewed but is a little bit less expensive in exchange for a little less durability.

Outdoor Water Solutions Floating Turtle TrapThis unit again takes advantage of welded aluminum construction materials, but instead of keeping the entire frame 100% welded aluminum this unit swaps that out for galvanized steel that is just as strong but not quite as durable over the long haul.

If you’re going to be purchasing a turtle trap and expecting it to operate perfectly for 10 years or so this is going to be right up your alley. If you’re looking for something that can work for 15 years, 20 years, or even more the odds are pretty good that you’re going to deal with more headaches and hiccups later on with this unit than you would with something made entirely out of welded aluminum.

All the same, it can accommodate upwards of 40 adult turtles with wide flippers in its escape proof basket. On the sides of this model are PVC flotation devices that are welded in, providing plenty of buoyancy that guarantees the turtles are safe and secure but also guarantees that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Quality control issues are rock-solid across-the-board, with the overwhelming majority of customers that have purchased this device in the past commenting on how solid and well-built it is. Customers do state that the hinges need lubrication on a regular basis and that when the basket fills up with turtles it could use a little extra buoyancy – but other than that this is a top option for sure.


Pros Cons
  • Ramp and escape proof basket design keeps turtles in place
  • Can accommodate up to 40 adult turtles with wide flippers with no trouble
  • Features high-quality construction materials that will last at least a decade in some nasty, wet conditions
  • Still a little bit on the expensive side of things
  • It would have been nice to see welded aluminum throughout rather than a galvanized mesh basket



Tomahawk Model 404R Rigid Turtle Trap

Quite a bit less expensive than the other turtle trap options we reviewed earlier, this is a solid option for those that want to capture adult size turtles that can go up to 100 pounds in size – though you aren’t going to be able to get any more than one 100 pound turtle in this trap at a time! If you are looking for a smaller size, there is a special build of the 403R model for you as well.

Tomahawk Model 404R Rigid Turtle Trap for smaller turtle catchingThankfully, most people aren’t going to have to worry about capturing all that many hundred pounders in small ponds and lakes. This trap is a little bit smaller than the other two but can still accommodate upwards of 35 to 40 adult turtles without much trouble, again accommodating upwards of 100 pounds worth of turtles before the frame starts to buckle.

A big reason this turtle trap is so much less expensive than the two options we highlighted just a moment ago is that it doesn’t include ANY flotation systems built right in and really isn’t designed for insertion directly into a pond, either.

This turtle trap is essentially a turtle-specific “box trap”, the kind of trap you’d use to catch varmints, raccoons, and other small to medium-sized pests that are living near your home. You might have a little bit more difficulty setting this system up and debating turtles on a consistent basis because it doesn’t set up right in their ponds – but as long as you focus on major turtle highways and areas of traffic (particularly near ponds and food sources) you shouldn’t have all that much to worry about at all.

The front door of this trap is a traditional “swing lock” set up that you’ll find on box traps but a cool little feature this turtle trap has that others do not is a “bait door” at the rear of the system that lets you adjust, replace, or add more bait as necessary without having to fiddle with the swing lock door itself.

This is definitely a convenience feature that a lot of other turtle traps (especially floating turtle traps) could benefit from.


Pros Cons
  • Super heavy duty construction material can handle up to 100 pounds of turtles
  • Box trap configuration is about as humane as can be
  • Bait door is definitely a convenience feature you’ll appreciate
  • Turtles heavier than 100 pounds will bust right through this trap
  • You aren’t going to be able to set this turtle trap up in a pond, as it doesn’t float



Tomahawk Excluder with One Way Door

Tomahawk has been producing top-quality traps ever since 1925, and this particular option – a one-way Excluder – has been designed specifically to make sure that the turtles you trap aren’t ever going to be able to escape until you physically let them out.

Tomahawk Excluder with One Way Door for cheaper choice.Manufactured out of heavy duty 16gauge galvanized wire mesh materials, you will be able to purchase this particular turtle trap in a variety of different sizes and configurations to accommodate the kind of turtles you are after. There are small sizes that get down to as tiny as 11” x 3” x 3” and much bigger turtle traps in the Excluder model lineup that go as big as 14” x 8” x 8”.

On the one hand, having this kind of flexibility is a big bonus for those that want to trap only a handful of turtles of known sizes and do not want to have to spend a small fortune on oversized traps that they won’t make the most of.

On the other hand, if you have to catch a bunch of turtles at a bunch of different sizes you might find purchasing just one of these Excluder traps to be a little limiting. Thankfully though, the ridiculously inexpensive price tag (almost 8 times cheaper than the most expensive floating turtle traps on the market today) make getting your hands on a couple of these traps in different sizes a no-brainer.


Pros Cons
  • Turtle traps come in a bunch of different sizes for your specific needs
  • One way Excluder configuration guarantees turtles are trapped humanely and cannot escape
  • 16gauge wire mesh construction material is rock solid and strong enough for turtles and small rodents
  • The inexpensive price point is a big bonus, too
  • You may have to purchase multiple turtle traps to fit your needs
  • Excluder set up is a lot less convenient than some of the other traps on our list



YISSVIC Live Animal Trap

This again isn’t a floating turtle trap but is instead a “box trap on steroids” with a new, intuitive design that functions a lot more efficiently and a lot more consistently than box traps of years past.

YISSVIC Live Animal Trap for all round best choice.Manufactured out of high-quality galvanized steel mesh material, this trap is relatively lightweight especially compared to the strength and durability of the material itself. You will be able to trap turtles up to 40 pounds (maybe a little more) with this set up without any difficulty at all, though any turtles larger than that run the risk of being able to bust out of this trap – or not even fit inside of it in the first place.

Set up is about as simple and as straightforward as can be thanks to the intelligent engineering throughout. Everything about this trap “just works”, and while it might not be quite as convenient to set up as some of the other floating turtle trap options we highlighted in this quick guide it’s certainly not going to take you very long to get a feel for how this works.

In fact, you will be able to set this trap up inside of 30 seconds once you get the hang of everything. You can’t beat that!


Pros Cons
  • Throughout intelligent design creates a safe, humane, and effective trapping mechanism for turtles and small rodents
  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant material is strong, durable, and lightweight
  • The trap itself is never going to break your bank account
  • Somewhat limited in size, you’ll only be able to accommodate turtles up to 40 pounds
  • Larger turtles may not even be able to fit inside the mouth of the trap itself
  • This isn’t a floating turtle trap that can sit in the pond



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