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Hedgehog cages and supplies 2019 reviews - Best supplies for your hedgehog

Hedgehog cages and supplies – Best supplies for your hedgehog – Reviewed

Your hedgehog feels as comfortable as the hedgehog cage and supplies you provide to it. Whether that is cage design, proper bedding and heater or even suitable toys to play with. In this complete article we will be reviewing everything all around hedgehog’s supplies for you to make the best decision upon purchasing required items for pets well-being.

Selection of a cage

You should choose the right kind of hedgehog cage and supplies so that there will be protection for the animal.

First of all, if you would like to pick up the hedgehog, you should scoop him up from the belly in a gentle way. The quills should be avoided and you should feel fur. You should not wear gloves to handle the hedgehog. It should be comfortable with your smell so that it will remain calm while making arrangements for bedding and other aspects.

There are certain disadvantages with wire cages. While attempting to climb the bars, they might slip and in this process, the legs will be damaged. Hence, cages less than the size, 30” x 18” x 16” should not be used in this process. There should not be multiple stories as well. If you are using water bottles in the container, there should be provision to remove the water.

There are various types of cages. You should choose the most appropriate cage so that the handling can be done in the best possible way. If you maintain a clean cage, the hedgehog can be cared very easily. They are clean animals and they will try to remain clean as far as possible. No grooming is required if you can maintain the cage in good condition. If you groom your pet, it should be dried completely. Hence, ensure that the pet is dried before returning to the cage. Hedgehogs are hypoallergenic to humans. You will want to give deep bath to dogs and cats. Similar kind of treatment is not required for hedgehogs.

As the hedgehog will spend most of the time in cage, you will want to purchase the best hedgehog cage accessories so that it will be comfortable and you can entertain its needs in a very efficient manner. Hedgehog cage size should be sufficient enough so that it will remain in the cage without any difficulty. To keep your pet happy, you should arrange a good home.

Placement of cage

Hedgehog enclosure should not be restrictive as the pet is very active. It should be able to explore the cage to the full potential extent. If you restrict its movement, there will not be sufficient exercise and it may become sick. The cage should be located at the best place so that it will not be exposed to air conditioners, heaters, windows and drafts. If the cage is exposed to such kind of equipment, the temperature of the cage will increase. The cage temperature should be in between 75 to 80 degrees F.

The hedgehog should experience both day and night. The positioning of the cage should facilitate the pet to experience the difference between day and night very efficiently. The periods of light and darkness will ensure that the pet’s health is preserved.

Selection of cage

The minimum cage dimensions should be 4 feet (length) and 2 feet (width). You should choose the biggest cage so that there will not be any issues. As a matter of fact, you should always prefer bigger cage for pets so that their health can be maintained in the best possible way.

If you go for a large wire case, there should be a solid floor so that its legs will be very much balanced. There are many commercially available cheap hedgehog cages which can certainly take care of the needs of your pet. As you go through the review, you will be able to understand the pros and cons of various kinds of cages and you will settle for the best cage without any issues.

There should be sufficient hide area in the cage. You can train the hedgehog to use the litter box properly. You can use litter pellets made from clay and they can be used in the box. Clay and clumping cat litter should be avoided.

A source of fresh and clean water should be provided for the hedgehog. Necessary arrangements can be done in the cage. Hedgehog’s cage will give absolute protection for the pet and there will be great enhancement of health by maintaining the cage to highest standards.

The cage should have provision to attach food bowls. One bowl can be used for dry food and another bowl can be used for moist food. There should not be spill over so that the cage will be maintained properly.

Companions for hedgehog

There should be a variety of companions for your hedgehog. If you arrange various toys and items, the pet will be happy and it is possible to entertain it in the best possible way. The cage should have provision to accommodate a large exercise wheel. The other items which can be installed in this context include bells, chew or other bird toys.

The quality of life and longevity of hedgehog is directly proportional to the quality of cage. If you can manage the best hedgehog cage, there will be great comfort and convenience to the hedgehog. If there is plenty of room in the cage, hedgehogs can explore it completely and they will be healthy as well.

They should move about and play so that the cage should be selected carefully to accommodate the pet’s needs. The cage should have provision for litter box, wheel, sleeping bag and eating area. If you go for small hedgehog vivarium, it will not accommodate various accessories.

The cage will give protection from other pets and children. If you go through hedgehog cage review, you will come across many varieties of cages and the most appropriate pet can be selected as per your needs. If the case is maintained properly, the hedgehog will not suffer from bacteria and there will not be risk to skin infections and respiratory ailments.

Best hedgehog cage for sale

After long research of available options of hedgehog cages, we narrow it down to best 3 cages to you can buy: Living World Deluxe Habitat, MidWest Guinea Habitat and Midwest Homes for Pets.

There will be safe housing for small animals with Living World Deluxe Habitat. The hybrid cage comes with upper wire frame and plastic bottom base. There will be ventilation as well as comfortable space for pets. The unit includes a balcony with an access ramp and tip-roof food dish. The wire cage comes with elegant style and there will be red wire on the top and white wire on sides. The wire door present in the front will provide additional accessibility. The hideaway place in the balcony will offer secure place for the pet. If you use easy-to-use plastic clips, the cage can be assembled very quickly. The dimensions of the product are 46.9 x 22.8 x 24 inches and the weight of the product is 19 pounds.

MidWest Guinea Habitat cage offers 8 square feet of living area. It has a wire mesh which can be removed as per your needs. The durable and leak-proof hedgehog cage is an ideal option to protect your hedgehog. There will be easy care through the PVC lined canvas bottom. The care and maintenance of the cage can be accomplished in the best possible way. There will traction and protection for the pet. The cage can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. No tools are required to setup the unit and it can be accomplished in few minutes. There will be one year warranty on the product offered by the manufacturer. There is ample scope for hideaways and food can be served very easily.

Midwest homes for Pets cage, delivered by Pet Nation Accessories. The unit has upper scatter guard and it comes in standard packaging. There are interlocking pieces which clip securely to the pans. The cleaning can be done very easily as per your needs. The debris and litter can be managed in a very efficient way so that you will always ensure hygienic conditions in the cage. The dimensions of the product are 34 x 23.1 x 3.5 inches and the weight of the product is 3 pounds. There will not be any loose bedding so that no spills will arise.

The hedgehog cages prepared as per the standards will survive for a life-time and you will be able to manage your pet in a healthy condition without any issues.

Hedgehog bedding

When there are many bedding choices for the hedgehog, you should make it in a very efficient way. You can go for hedgehog bedding which is made as per the standards. The selection of the bedding should be done based on the cleaning habits. The hedgehog behavior and allergic conditions will also help you in this direction. Hedgehog bedding options include shavings, recycled newspaper bedding, processed hay bedding and fabric cage liners. Shavings are available in various patterns and materials. You should not use Cedar on hedgehogs or small animals as it contains aromatic oils which can lead to skin irritation of organ damage.

If you go for Pine hedgehog beds, it should be kiln-dried. Natural pine should be avoided as it contains chemicals that are present in Cedar. The kiln-dried bedding should be heated so that the content will be reduced. Recycled newspaper bedding can be used as long as they do not cause harm to damp areas of the hedgehog. You can go for pellets as well. However, there will be tendency to turn to mush due to damp conditions.

Even though processed hay bedding is not allergen-free, it is found in pellet form. It will perform the odor control job in a very efficient way and it will be dust-free.

Selection of best bedding

The best hedgehog bedding should have the following features:

  • Smell
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Dryness
  • Price

The best bedding for hedgehog will have provisions so that the hedgehog will live in comfortable living condition. No two hedgehogs may like the same bedding. There are number of reasons to settle for corncob bedding.

If you go for cedar and pine shavings, there will be bad odor after few days of presence in the cage. You should understand the fact that there will be moisture and mold in this kind of bedding. If the surface is scratchy, the hedgehog will find it difficult to sleep. There will not be any cushioning effect with newspaper shavings.

Hedgehog sleeping bag is a great option as they will be shaped very carefully to offer highest level of comfort to hedgehogs.  There will be 10% care fresh colors soft bedding with 90% softwood shavings. The hedgehog pouch prepared with non-toxic and low dust material will be very much helpful as it will be comfortable for the pet. If there is soft bedding, there will be natural behavior. The product is made with 100% bio-degradable material. The dimensions of the item are 20 x 5 x 16 inches and the weight of the item is 9.6 pounds.

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding is another high quality bedding arrangement available in the market. The bedding is specifically designed for small animals. The product is prepared with 100% renewable and sustainable wood fibers. You will not contribute to environmental pollution by opting for the bed. You can also purchase hedgehog bonding pouch to extend additional comfort for your pet.

Hedgehog litter box

The small mammal, Hedgehog needs a litter box so that it can keep its cage in hygienic condition at all times. If you are shopping for hedgehog litter box, you should be aware of its characteristics so that you will settle for the best without any issues.

If you train up your pet, it will use the litter box and there will be great convenience for the pet owner. You can go for a hedgehog litter whose size will be 6” x 9”. The depth of the box can be up to 2”. You can use pieces of paper towel or carefresh can be used as litter. You should avoid kitty litter as it will get stuck in penile sheaths and eyes.

The littler training can be offered to hedgehogs very quickly. You can try any hedgehog without any issues. You should want to have a shallow type of hedgehog litter pan so that the litter training can be given very easily. If you choose a litter box, you should ensure that the pet should climb it without any difficulty.

The box should have the capacity to hold enough kitty litter. If the hedgehog goes for potty in wrong place, you should use some tool and it should be brought into the litter box. You should show the hedgehog, the location of the litter. There will be great progress if your reward your pet when it goes for potty in the right location.

If the hedgehog is playing with you in the living room, you should place the litter pan at a convenient location so that it will complete the potty without any issues.

You can order high quality ‘Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan for Small Pets’ from Amazon so that it will be delivered at your doorsteps without any issues. The unit is made with stain and odor resistant plastic. It has low entry as well as extra high back.

The unit can be attached very easily on the cage and you will be able to clean it without any issues. Messy spills are avoided as the Lock-N-Litter pan will lock automatically.

Hedgehog heater

Hedgehog heater is intended to keep your hedgehog in warm condition. As there are many heat sources available in the market, you should choose the best heat source as per your needs so that there will not be any issues.

The best under tank heater will deliver the heat on regular basis so that the hedgehog will be comfortable during the day and night. The heater should be selected carefully so that there will not be any scope for fire. If the unit is over heated, it will lead to burns or it may fail to work as well.

The hedgehog heating pad can be used under the human care. It should be arranged under the area where hedgehog sleeps. There should be provision to adjust the heating pad so that it will not be too hot. If the animal is sick, it is likely to suffer from burns. The hedgehog temperature range should be maintained very carefully. Some burns are not visible from outside. They will be revealed after a couple of days.

The hedgehog heating can be accomplished by space heaters as well. They will deliver required heat automatically. The temperature levels will be maintained through the thermostat present in the heater. Heat bulbs and heat rocks are other options. The heating pad should be selected as per the availability of power source. You should prepare for the power outage. If you live in an area where extreme climatic conditions prevail, you can wrap cages in heavy blankets.

You can also plan for under tank heater as per your convenience. The hedgehog lamp is also available in the market.

K&H Manufacturing Small Animal Heated Pad is the best product available on Amazon. The product is great for small animals. The unit comes with thermostatic control so that the heat control will be very efficient. The unit operates on 25 watts. You can offer cozy and warm environment to your pet by going for Small Animal Heated Pad.

Hedgehog toys and accessories

There are various kinds of hedgehog toys which are meant to enhance the health of the hedgehog. Some of the popular toys include toilet paper tube, plastic Easter eggs, plastic dump trucks and Kleenex box and Old socks.

Tennis balls, Pine Cones, Mirrors, Paper Bowl and Hedgehog Snuggle Sacks can be offered to hedgehog in this direction. You can order pet hedgehog toys online so that they will be delivered at your doorsteps.

You can entertain your pet all through the day by offering hedgehog toys and accessories. There should be quality interactive time with the pet and hedgehogs are the best option in this direction. You can visit reputed blogs and forums to get hedgehog toy ideas.  As a matter of fact, Hedgehogs are very interactive pets. To promote their interest, you should not forget to provide enough toys in the cage.

The selection of toys should be done carefully so that there will not be any choking hazard for pets. You should experiment with various toys to find the response. The toy which attracts the pet more should be selected and it should be offered on regular basis.

Toys for hedgehogs are available in various sizes, styles, shapes and budgets. There are toys which are based on scientific research. When you choose such kind of toys, there will be great satisfaction. There are companies which are specialized in the manufacture and distribution of pet toys. High quality products can be purchased from those resources and there will be warranty on the product as well.

When the mammal is kept in captivity, you should take steps to give room for fun and excitement.

Kaytee Small Animal Igloo Hideaway is a great product in this direction which will certainly fulfill your needs without any issues. The product is made of durable plastic. It is a one piece construction and available on Amazon. The dimensions of the product are 10.5” x 12” x 6.25”.

You can also go for Critter Cuddler Small Animal Carrier and Bonding Pouch Anti-Anxiety Interactive Play Exercise Ring so that there will be great therapeutic effect. The best quality hedgehog toy will fulfill your pet’s requirements so that it will have great fun and physical exercise.

Hedgehog running wheel

It is wheel which rotates on its own axis so that there will be free movement. The transportation will also take place with the wheel. The hedgehog wheel is considered as an exercise toys. There should be sufficient space in the cage so that you can arrange a wheel so that the animal will move on the wheel as per its convenience.

Hedgehog wheels are prepared with durable material so that they can withstand heavy abuse without any issues. Most of the wheels are constructed with plastic or steel. There are certain advantages and disadvantages with plastic. The hedgehog wheel size should be as per the size of the cage and the pet. There is injury risk with a steel wheel.

As you go through the ‘hedgehog wheels for sale’, you should go through the features and pros and cons so that you will settle for the best wheel. You can also go for modified hamster wheel so that the needs of the pet can be fulfilled in the best possible way.

There should be long legs on a hedgehog exercise wheel and it should be made with solid, so that the pet will perform various kinds of exercises without any issues. Even though you feel that the hedgehog running wheel is not being used by the pet, you should not remove it. The pet might use it during nights or in your absence. If you are cleaning the wheel on a regular basis, you should understand the fact that your hedgehog is using the wheel.

If you provide a very efficient hedgehog bucket wheel in the cage, you will not cause damage to the nose of the pet. By presenting a running wheel, the hedgehog can perform a variety of activities without any issues. If the mom becomes pregnant, the wheel should be removed as it can hurt the baby accidentally. There are different wheels in the market and the best wheel should be chosen as per the activity of the pet and size of the cage.

Kaytee Giant Comfort Exercise Wheel is one of the top products available on Amazon through which you can make the most of your money.

Hedgehog travel carrier

Hedgehog travel carrier or cage is a very convenient option to carry your hedgehog while travelling. The exotic mammal needs absolute protection and it can be best extended with a high-quality travel cage. You will ensure the health and well-being of the pet by choosing the most appropriate cage.

The hedgehog carrier should be affordable as well so that you can make the most of your investment. There are many companies which are involved in the manufacture of hedgehog supplements and accessories. There will not be any anxiety in the pet when you carry the pet in a comfortable hedgehog carrying bag. The pet should identify your body odor so that it will be comfortable with you at all times.

The selection of the carrier should be done as per the weight of the pet. The carrier will facilitate easy movement. You can take it with you while watching television and working on a computer. The carrier can be managed by a wheelchair-bound person as well without any issues. If small children are handling pets, you can assist them in a perfect way by using the carrier or pouch.

Hedgehog carrying pouch is comfortable for the pet and it can go through the machine wash as well without any issues. You can purchase two pouches so that the pet will be accommodated in a pouch at all times without any issues.

Yosoo portable African hedgehog hamster breathable pet dog carrier bag is the best product available on The product is 100% new and it is made with high quality material. The water washable product gives you great convenience. You can purchase various kinds of hedgehog supplies from online. The hedgehog should love the little carrier so that you will be able to carry it with you very easily.

Hedgehog pet supplies include traction rope, trail treat mix, slicker, hanging bed and diet. As you purchase hedgehog accessories from reputed stores, you will be able to make the most of your investment and you will improve your bonding with the pet very easily. The simple maintenance tips offered by the supplier should be followed so that there will be great results.

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