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Best Possum Trap in 2020 - How To Get Rid of Possums - Reviews

Best possum Traps – How to get rid of possums

Possums traps are the best ways to catch them. If you are wondering about how to get rid of possums permanently from your home, you should use the right possum trap. Read this article to know about the various kinds of traps and baits that you can use, for best results.


Possums are also known as opossums in some parts of the world. They are marsupial mammals that come in various sizes. Though they have their origins in South America, today, these possums can be found in many parts of the globe, thanks to their adaptive characters, flexible eating patterns and massive reproductive skills. In some parts of the world, possum attacks are quite common in one’s home. When you have possums living nearby, you can experience problems like damage to your gardens, buildings and pets.

Possums can eat almost anything. This makes it quite easy for you when you are planning to set up baits in the possum traps. If you are planning to use poison to get rid of them, you will not find positive results. Why? This is because possums have phenomenal immunity levels. They are immune to poison from snakes! So your simple possum poison is not going to do them any harm at all. They are smarter than rats, cats and dogs in moving around your house and taking away food. When you are setting up possum traps, you should remember that possums can find any corner of your home easily. If you are thinking of ways of how to catch a possum, you should give due regard to the placing of the trap.

Possum attacks

Possums can be as small as a rat and as big as a fat cat. They have around 50 teeth when enable them to nibble on to your doors and food generously. If you try fooling around with possums, be prepared to suffer bites from their sharp teeth. They love to settle down in a place that is warm, hideous and convenient. Areas like attics, patios, decks, basements, tree houses and play houses (if any) are some of the common areas that you need to look for if you want to know how to catch a possum.

Once possums settle down in these areas, they will start attacking your home and keep messing around with garbage, food bowls, pet food, bird feeders and the like. They love to terrify your pets as well. Sometimes, your pets will be bleeding due to the bite marks from the possum. When you have an animal as creepy-looking as a possum living right inside your home, it can be quite disturbing for you and your pets. Therefore, it is important to set up proper possum traps and get rid of them forever.  Possums are very smart and agile animals. Hence, setting up a trap should be done with due care and caution. Possum trapping is a challenging activity, but not entirely impossible.

Early signs of possum infestations

Possums are very active during the night. Continuous barks of your pet, food scattered all over, a strange odour and the disturbed/terrified look on the faces of your pets are some of the common signs of possums in your house. Get into action as soon as you spot them to avoid further damages to your pets, yourself of your property.

How to get rid of possums

You can resort to natural home remedies or use traps if you want to know how to get rid of possums from your home. Possum traps are considered to be the best ways of removing these non-aggressive animals forever. This is because once you catch them live in a cage-trap and release them outside, they never set into the same territory again.  Possum trapping can be done with the help of three main types of traps. They are:

Live Capture Traps – If you are thinking of how to trap a possum in the most humane way possible, the live-capture traps are the best ways to do so. Set the trap in the direction through which possums enter and place appropriate bait inside. Possums can eat anything; however kiwis, apples and carrots are considered to be best. Place these baits deep inside the trap and lift the door open for the animals to enter. Once they get wooed by the bait, they enter into the trap but are unable to go outside as they are locked.

Leg-hold traps – This opossum trap is the one that catches the animal when it is travelling. However, an important point to remember here is to prevent pets and other animals from entering the areas where the trap is placed. Once you notice possums, you have to attract them by rubbing the lure and then trap them with the help of a short chain.

Kill Traps – If you have been wondering on how to get rid of possums permanently, these kill traps are great choices. However, these are very rarely used as killing possums are not legal.

Choosing the possum bait

Possums eat almost all kinds of plant and animal matter. This makes your job easy and difficult at the same time. While you have a lot of options to choose from, you also need to be careful about the effectiveness of the baits. Yes, possums like everything, but what do they like the most? Once you get your baits right, possum trapping is not going to be as difficult as you thought!

If you want to know how to catch a possum effectively, use foods that have a strong odour. For example, fishes are great choices of possum baits. You can also apply a generous dose of aniseed oil on a slice of bread to attract possums. Other effective baits are apples, raw eggs, vegetables and canned pet food.

Setting the possum trap

You have chosen the trap, and you have chosen the right bait. So why are you not able to catch possums still? It could be because you have not set it properly. Here are some points that you need to remember while setting a trap:

  • Prepare and set traps as these animals are active during the night
  • Use trigger rods or knobs to shut the cage or live trap immediately after the possum enters it
  • Check continuously to know if you have caught possums; if yes, move the trap immediately to a location that is very far off from your home. While releasing the possum, use gloves for your safety
  • Be aware of the legal rules before trapping and releasing possums; this will ensure that you don’t have to face any severe consequences in the future

Simple home remedies for possum trapping

  • Keep your home clean from garbage and scattered food; these attract possums.
  • Remove debris from gardens and keep your gardens well-mowed.
  • How to get rid of possums easily? Use a strong chemical repellent; the smell will drive the animals away.
  • Scatter simple ingredients like garlic pods, moth balls or old clothes dipped in ammonia in places where possums are most likely to visit.
  • Collect your pet’s hair in a mesh bag and strew it around in places that are prone to possum infestations; the animals get scared away.
  • If you are thinking of how to catch a possum in the most natural method, your answer lies in using flashlights; the animals get scared by the sudden burst of lights.

Some of the best possum traps that are worth trying

  1. Woodstream 1079 32-Inch Live Animal Cage Trap

This is a sturdy mesh that captures the opossums as soon as they enter inside. This trap is made from a high quality of wire mesh which is resistant to rust and other stains. It is not only effective for possums but is also useful for catching raccoons, cats, groundhogs and other animals. The highlight of this trap is that the holes are quite small and are thus prove to be more effective traps. Some of the remarkable features of this trap are a spring-loaded door, protective handle guard, smoothed internal edges, external trigger rod and wire mesh made galvanized steel.

  1. Humane Trip – Live Animal Trap

This is one of the best traps for catching possums and certain other kinds of animals in a humane way. If you are wondering about how to catch a possum, investing in this would be a great idea. It comes with a mesh that is made from strong, galvanised and powder-coated steel. This opossum trap is designed in such a way that it catches the animal swiftly as soon as it enters through the door. Possum trapping is easier and more effective, thanks to the black, anti-glare coating of this trap. There is no damage to the possums when they are caught this way. This amazing trap is easy to operate and install as well, giving you immense relief from infestations of these animals.

  1. Large Collapsible Humane Live Animal Trap – Perfect for Racoons, Stray Cats, Gopher, Opossums, Rabbits

Are you wondering how to get rid of possums effectively without too many hassles? This metal possum trap is one of the best for you to get rid of problems from many types of animals including possums. You can use this trap to catch racoons, stray cats, gophers and rabbits as well. This trap comes with rust-resistant steel meshes, quick-shut hair trigger door and a compact size. It is also one of the most humane traps available in the market today, as it doesn’t cause injury to the possums at the time of catching them.

  1. 2- Trap Value Pack of Catch and Release Live Animal Traps 

As the name suggests, this product comes with two traps of varying sizes. It comes with a powder-coat finish that is resistant to rust and all kinds of extreme weather conditions. Since you have two traps, you can use them for animals for various sizes that include possums, squirrels, groundhogs, raccoons, rats, chipmunks and the like. If you have been thinking of a way of how to catch a possum in the most humane way, this trap is the answer for your questions. It comes with gravity flow activation mechanism, which helps you to set it up within seconds. It acts immediately on the animals as they enter.

Possums are non-aggressive animals; however, when you disturb them, they try to bite you and your pets. Therefore, it is important to plan traps in such a way that the animals don’t know what they are getting into. Being quite smart and witty, these animals can spot a trap when they find one.  You have to use your creativity in the traps and baits if you want to master the art of how to catch a possum successfully.


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