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Sugar Glider Pets for Sale - Things to Know Before Buying Sugar Glider

Things to know before buying baby Sugar Glider

Though sugar gliders are natives of Australia, Tanzania and few areas in Indonesia, they are sold in countries like the United States. Many adoption centers and breeders post advertisements about sugar glider for sale in the local newspapers and the internet. If you are interested, you can contact these people and buy sugar gliders at attractive rates. Yes, when sugar glider pets for sale are advertisement, you may get a good deal on the costs. However, it is important to understand that you only get what you are paying for. Never get tempted by low prices. Some breeders may offer you sick sugar gliders at ridiculously low prices. If you don’t know the details of the health of these pets, you end up falling for the deal and then pay huge maintenance costs in the future. The following article will help you understand the factors that you need to look for while choosing sugar glider.

Source of the pet

When you buy a sugar glider for sale, the first and foremost point that you have to look for is the source of the pet. Though some pet stores may offer you heavy discounts and exciting offers, it is highly recommended that you stay away from them. Choose an experienced breeder for buying sugar glider pets for sale. You have to ensure that the breeder has ample experience in breeding and grooming sugar gliders.  Get the details of the local breeders in your locality and arrange to meet with a few of them so that you can make the right choice. You should never buy sugar gliders from flea markets or glider mills as sugar gliders are not bred properly in these places.

Personal discussions

Once you have narrowed down your breeder choices, you have to set up personal meetings with them to discuss important points. Buying a sugar glider for sale is a decision that should not be taken hastily. Meet the breeders and ask questions related to the following:

  • Sugar Glider Price
  • Years of experience in handling and grooming sugar gliders
  • Foods and exercise that he had given the sugar gliders
  • Questions about overall health, nutrition, social characteristics and other behaviour
  • Health issues, if any
  • Previous cases of ailments
  • Specifications of cages, accessories and other items that he used to entertain sugar gliders

Discuss all of these issues openly with the breeders and choose the one who gives you direct and transparent answers for these. It is very important to get these details right so that you can get the best deal on your pets. When you buy sugar glider, ask the right questions at the right time; this will save you from future disappointments.

Check for the habitat

When you buy a sugar glider for sale, you should check for the habitat in which it is residing. Never get sugar gliders shipped to your destination. It is always better to check their residing environment personally before you take the decision of buying them. These are the factors that you have to note while inspecting the environment:

  • How spacious and airy is the cage?
  • What are the accessories included in the cage?
  • Is the sugar glider kept entertained and active all the time that it is awake?
  • Are the bedding and flooring neat?
  • Is it being fed the right kind of foods?
  • Does the material of the bedding and floor absorb urine and droppings?
  • Are food bowls kept clean and at the right location

For a deeper guide, check our in-depth article about Choosing Right Sugar Glider Cage.

Personal evaluation of the sugar glider

While buying sugar glider pets for sale, you have to conduct a personal examination of the pet very carefully to check if its body and health are in proper condition. Check the pet’s limbs carefully to see if they are weak or suffering from any wounds. Sugar gliders are prone to calcium deficiency problems. Some breeders hide this fact from you and offer sugar gliders at throwaway prices. If you get tempted by the low prices, you may end up nurturing a sick animal. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a personal examination from the nose to the tail of the sugar glider.

Check for the behavior of the sugar gliders

Yes, you have every right to feel excited about buying sugar gliders for sale. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality. Before buying sugar glider pets for sale, you have to conduct a thorough examination of their behavior. When you visit the habitat of the sugar gliders, check if the animals are active and energetic. This is their natural behavior. When they are not active, you should understand that something is amiss and stay away from buying them. Check for the colour of their droppings and their socialization skills in the cage. All of these are symptoms to understand if the sugar glider that you are planning to buy is healthy or not.

Sugar glider price

Sugar gliders are of various types and have different characteristics. Therefore, they fall in many types of price ranges. On an average, the sugar glider price range falls between $200 and $500. This price range applies only to the baby and young sugar gliders (that are up to 12 weeks old). If you buy older sugar gliders, you have to pay a lesser amount (usually in the price range or $100 to $150). This covers only the cost of the animal. Apart from this, you have to spend extra charges towards feeding, housing, veterinarian expenses, accessories for the cages and other related stuff.

Pellets and water bottle are quite cheap; they are priced at $10 and $5 respectively. Accessories like toys that are made from safe wood are available anywhere between $2 and $20. Sugar gliders love warm climates, so it is better to re-create that environment in the cages as well. Heat lamps or rocks are required for this purpose, and they cost anywhere between $15 and $40. One more important point to consider is investing in sugar glider starter kits. They cost approximately $50.

Beware of buying online

Sugar gliders are exotic animals, and they are not very easily found in pet shops. Since they breed very slowly, there are not many sugar gliders available in the market for you to pick from. When you want to buy sugar gliders for sale, you have to ensure that you choose the right breeder and wait for your time when you are allotted the pet of your choice. Never get tempted to buy sugar gliders online just because the online sites offer you great discounts.

It is impossible to personally evaluate the sugar gliders and check their health/behavioral condition when you are buying online. Also, it is a herculean task to know the bonding and social skills of the pets when you get them shipped to your address. It can burn a deep hole in your pocket as well as the sugar glider price structure could involve a considerable amount towards shipping charges. As they fall in the exotic animal category, not all sites may have the license to sell them. When you buy them from the internet, it is difficult to tell whether the source is legal or not.

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