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Best Chinchilla Cages - Large & Small Cages - Reviewed (Update 2020)

Best Chinchilla Cages Reviewed – Which cages to buy and which to avoid

When considering to buy chinchilla cage you should know what kind of cage will suite your pet the best. Over this article we will discuss various factors on choosing the best fit cage for you chinchilla and giving recommendations on products you can find online to make your pet as happy, active and healthy as possible.


Chinchillas look like big squirrels, and they are quite cute and attractive. This is one of the main reasons as to why they are loved as pets. However, as days go by, chinchillas prove that they are very demanding pets. They need a great deal of care and attention and thus require more effort from you than other pets. When people are not ready to take up the challenge of maintaining and taking care of these chinchillas, they abandon the same at adoption centers and other pet care centers.

One of the major highlights about chinchillas is that their teeth keep growing all through their lives. Therefore, they love to keep chewing on to something. If they chew food items or other particles that they are not supposed to chew, they develop serious allergies. Treating a chinchilla is costlier than treating other pets. Hence, you should be prepared for the high maintenance costs when you decide to keep chinchillas as your pets. They are very restless in nature, and hence you need to choose chinchilla cages in such a way that your pets have enough space to move about and are still not too big enough for them to escape. The following article will give an overview about a chinchilla cage, types of cages, how to choose them for your pets and what features they should have to keep your pets occupied for a long time.

Factors that you need to consider while choosing a chinchilla cage

  1. Size

When you are planning to buy cage, you should first pay focus to the size. Chinchillas, by nature, are very acrobatic and they need to stretch their legs and jump about for at least few hours a day. They keep jumping and stretching their legs inside the cage, too. Therefore, you should choose large chinchilla cages that have ample room for your pets to move about. When the cages are small, chinchillas felt bored and frustrated at having to sit still, and they start chewing their fur, instead. This can lead to severe infections and health issues in your pets. The best chinchilla cages are the ones that have optimum space for your pets to move, jump about and play comfortably.

  1. Number

The next important point that you have to consider while choosing a cage is the number of pets that you plan to buy. Mostly people buy single chinchillas. However, sometimes, you may also want to buy a pair or a breed of chinchillas. If there are more than one chinchillas, you should invest in appropriate chinchilla cage accessories like chew toys, exercise wheels, bedding and the like. These will keep chinchillas entertained and will divert their attention from their colleagues. Choose large chinchilla cages if you are planning to buy a breed of chinchillas.

  1. Type of surface

When you are choosing a cage for a chinchilla, you should consider an important point. Do you want a wire-mesh flooring or do you want a flat & solid surface? If you are looking for clean cages, the wire-bottomed ones are better because litter falls off through the holes. For cleaning purposes, the cages with wire bottoms are better. This is because a cage of this sort comes with a separate collection counter underneath that is used to collect the feces. This cage comes with a demerit as well.  The limbs of the chinchillas can get trapped in the wires causing injuries to the pets. This is where big chinchilla cages with a solid bottom look to be a good choice. In short, wire-bottom cages are great for hygiene purposes, and solid-surface cages are great for safety purposes. Irrespective of the size and surface, you should ensure that you choose cool chinchilla cages because air circulation is very important for the health and safety of your pets.

  1. Accessories

As already explained, chinchillas are very restless. Therefore, you need to choose large chinchilla cages that can accommodate accessories like chew toys, metal exercise wheels, hammock-hangings, shelves, etc. You will also need ample space on the floor to prepare your pets for its regular dust bath.  In short, choose cages that are big enough accommodate water bottles, litter boxes (to collect the waste), beds, furniture, toys and other chewing items, hay racks, ladders, swings, wood toys and the like. Chinchillas love to have fun with these elements. Therefore, it is important that you keep them occupied. If you don’t, they get into self-destruction mode by chewing their fur and falling severely sick.

  1. Price

You can get cheap chinchilla cages and cages that are priced quite heavily, depending on the size and features that you expect. If you are looking for a simple, airy cage to house one chinchilla, the price would be quite affordable. However, if you are looking for a cage that is fitted with all accessories and separate compartments, you will have to shell out a huge sum of money. Ensure that you look out for advertisements from chinchilla adoption centers or other retail stores in your area about chinchilla cages for sale. When you buy them on sale, you can get a good deal on the cost and save a huge sum of money.

Best chinchilla cages for sale

  1. Critter Nation Small Animal Cage With Stand

This chinchilla cage is one of theOne of the cool chinchilla cages you can find online. best if you are looking for safety, hygiene and comfortable movement of your chinchillas. It comes with a ½ inch of horizontal wire spacing which gives your pets full freedom to move about. Some of the features of this cage are:

  • Easy cleaning and feeding, thanks to the full-width double door facility
  • Comes with two floors to give maximum room for pets to explore
  • Comes with removable and adjustable expanse shelves and plastic pans to provide maximum entertainment and safety for the pets
  • Non-slip flooring to provide traction and give ultimate protection to the feet of pets


  1. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferry Cage

Do you have an energetic chinchilla as An example of big chinchilla cages for sale.a pet? Is he getting bored easily as the cages you keep him in, are not good enough?  Try this huge chinchilla cage from Prevue Hendryx and see how your pet enjoys the same. Why does he love it so much? It is because of these excellent features:

  • Comes with three platforms, three ramps and a hanging hammock chair
  • Highly-secure, escape-proof huge doors
  • Comes with compact shelves and storage compartments for keeping accessories, treats and other supplies
  • Highly compact, yet very spacious to accommodate the most energetic chinchillas


  1. Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Multi-level Pet Home with casters

If you are looking for a chinchilla cageGreat choice of cheap chinchilla cages. that provides great scope for exercise and entertainment for your chinchillas, this is the right model for you.  This cage comes with the following features:

  • Comes with multi-level entertainment options like spiral slides and critter hammocks
  • Very easy to assemble as it doesn’t require any tools
  • Made from plastic parts that are stain resistant and chew-proof
  • Comes with a removable and replaceable, clean and deep base that is free of scatters
  • Comes with three comfort shelves and fluorescent tunnel that enables chinchillas to play easily
  • Has deluxe caster wheels and roll stand for easy portability and comfort
  • Ideal for most of the ferrets


  1. Honey Pet Chinchilla Cage with accessories

This chinchilla cage is ideal forFinding the large chinchilla cages. hamsters, rats, chinchillas and most of the other ferrets. It is designed in a very compact way with loads of features installed in it so that pets are provided with ultimate safety, comfort and entertainment. Some of the major features of this cage are:

  • Comes with a urine guard that helps to collect the urine and keep your home hygienic and clean
  • Provided with a mesh-bottom to provide more air and movement for your pets
  • Comes with pull-out trays and lockable casters that allow for safety, portability and cleanliness
  • Non-toxic elements used for powder coating surface that is resistant and stains


Chinchilla Toys

Chinchillas are very active pets. Therefore, if you are keeping them in cages, you have to ensure that they have enough activities to keep them entertained. Every day, they need about 2 to 4 hours of out-time in safe environments, where they can jump about and stretch their feet.  The teeth of chinchillas keep growing forever all through the 10 or 20 years that they live. Hence, these pets love to keep nibbling or gnawing at something. They are allergic to plastic and many other items as well, which make it quite challenging for you to choose chinchilla toys.

Chinchilla toys are chewed toys that can be suspended wooden toys, plastic keys and tubes, cardboard tubes, balls, fling toys, toilet paper tubes and more. These chinchilla chew toys are not just objects for playing. They are objects to relieve boredom in the animals and keep their teeth healthy and happy.  Apart from the usual wooden toys, you can also opt for different and creative play items like ladders, tunnels, bridges, hanging hammocks, swings, exercise wheels and the like.

When you are choosing toys for chinchillas, ensure that you choose those that are appropriate for the size of the cage. Chinchilla toys and accessories play a very important role in the health (mental & physical) of your pets; so you need to choose them wisely. You will get lots of chinchilla toys for sale at online and other retail stores all through the year. When you buy chinchilla toys during this time, you can save a great deal of money.

Recommended chinchilla toys

  1. Kaytee Medium Knot Rubber

Are you looking for safe and healthy chinchilla toys to satisfy the needs of your pet? This toy from Kaytee is a good choice. This is a wooden toy which uses natural vegetable dyes for colors. These toys for chinchillas are perfect for playing, chewing and nibbling. They are non-toxic and keep chinchillas entertained for long hours.

  1. Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout

These chinchilla toys from Kaytee are one of the best if you want to encourage the natural playing and chewing instincts of your pets. These are wooden sticks that are colored using natural dyes. They are in a bent form, which allows the chinchillas to use them as hiding/playing spots as well.

What is a chinchilla wheel?

Chinchillas are very energetic and active. Therefore, they need sources to vent out their energy. Therefore, you have to invest in a good chinchilla exercise wheel. Sometimes, chinchillas tend to become overweight when they consume too many treats. A metal chinchilla wheel is the best way for them to reduce weight. When you are buying a chinchilla wheel, you should remember to buy the metal ones, because chinchillas have a tendency to chew up the plastic models. When they consume toxic substances, they tend to get affected by serious liver ailments.

A chinchilla wheel should have a diameter of15 inches at least to accommodate all sizes of animals. If they are too small, your pets have to strain their backs to exercise on them and thus can result in serious health issues in them.  These exercise wheels should have a wide running surface (at least 5 inches wide), so that it is safe for your animals. This metal wheel should be attached to the cage properly with the help of bolts and fasteners. Choose an exercise wheel that comes with proper instructions, so that you don’t cause any physical injuries to your pets.

Recommended chinchilla wheels

  1. Kaytee Giant Comfort Exercise Wheel, 12 inches

If you are looking for a chinchilla wheel that encourages healthy exercise and entertainment for your small pets, this exercise wheel from Kaytee is the right choice for you. It comes with 12 inches of diameter and can be used as a standalone unit or as an attachment to the cage. This wheel is not only loved by chinchillas, but also by rats and other pets of similar size.

  1. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel, 12 inches

This chinchilla wheel is made from a material that is safe for the toes and tail of the chinchillas. This is the model of a flying saucer and comes in various colors, which makes it more attractive for chinchillas and small animals. It comes with 12 inches of diameter. The running surface is very solid and is safe and sturdy for pets. This is one of the best exercise wheels for chinchillas to get rid of their boredom and frustration.

Chinchilla litter box

A chinchilla litter box is one that is used to collect the urine and potty of these animals. When you have chinchillas as pets, you should train them at a very young age. Potty training your chinchillas is going to be a challenge if you don’t start this at a young age. To ensure that chinchilla litter is collected in a proper box, place the litter boxes in the places where you spot the urine of your pets.

If your chinchillas have the habit of wetting their beds, remove the beds from the cages and place them on top of the chinchilla litter box. Keep relocating these litter boxes continuously, until your chinchillas know to pass urine in the litter box cleanly. It is recommended to potty train your chinchillas from the time they are six months old. Never use plastic litter boxes as chinchillas can chew it off easily and thus cause problems for its health.

Recommended chinchilla litter boxes

  1. Mkono Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Toilet for Small Animals

This chinchilla litter box from Mkono is one of the best if you are looking for durable and strong litter boxes for chinchillas and animals of similar sizes. These boxes are available in different colors, and they are resistant to odor and stains. Cleaning and maintaining a chinchilla litter box of this sort is a breeze. It comes with secure hooks and holes that help the litter boxes to be attached to the cages in a very strong way. A major highlight of this chinchilla litter box is that it is not only suitable for chinchillas, but also suitable for rabbits, pigs, ferrets, rats, galesaur and other animals of similar sizes.

  1. Super Pet Critter Litter

If you want a chinchilla litter box that makes your cage-cleaning process simple and hassle free, this model is the right choice for you. This pet critter litter box is made from non- toxic materials, which absorbs moisture from all kinds of surfaces quickly. Made from 100% bentonite and natural minerals, this model helps you to control chinchilla litter in one of the most effective ways. It is made up of a combination of litter management and potty training techniques that take you 30% less time and effort in cleaning cages.

Chinchilla Bedding

Chinchilla Bedding is an important part of chinchilla care. When you choose to bed for chinchillas, you should invest a lot of time and effort in deciding about the right kind of material. The best bedding for a chinchilla is one that is made from a material that doesn’t provide any allergies for your animals and one that absorbs urine and other litter in real quick time.  If a bedding material smells very pleasant, you should never get it for your pet chinchillas. This is because these pets are quite sensitive to smell and they develop a bacterial/fungal infection on their skin due to the aromatic oils or substances present in the material of the bedding.

Aspen and kiln-dried pine wood are considered to be some of the best materials for chinchilla bedding. They are natural and do not contain any additional fragrances in them. Never use materials like pine wood shavings or cedar wood while choosing bedding for chinchillas. The fragrant oils in these materials can cause respiratory infections and liver problems in your pets. If you have been using recycled paper chinchilla bedding, it is now time to stop using it with immediate effect. Chinchillas start chewing this paper as well, which can cause serious health issues in them.

Recommended chinchilla bedding products

  1. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding, 60L, Natural

This is considered to be one of the best chinchilla bedding materials because it comes with an exclusive odor control formula, which reduces allergies in chinchillas to a great extent. It is three times more effective than wood shavings material, regarding absorption of urine and other waste litter. It is also 99% dust free, which makes it very easy for cleaning and maintaining.

  1. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding

This chinchilla bedding comes with a 6x absorption power of its weight in liquid and has a good odour control formula. Cleaning & maintaining this bedding is an easy task as it is 99.99% dust free. This bedding, which comes with the scent of a summer storm, has been designed in the most natural and durable way to give ultimate protection for your chinchillas.

Chinchilla Carrier

You have done all the groundwork and invested in a healthy chinchilla. Now, you want to take it along with you when you travel. How do you do it? A chinchilla carrier is an answer for your problems. As the name suggests, this is nothing but an arrangement that helps you to transport your chinchilla from one place to another, irrespective of the mode of the transport that you use.

Is a chinchilla carrier same as a chinchilla travel cage? The answer is “No”. Not many people are aware of this. What is the major difference between these two concepts? A chinchilla carrier is used only when you want to transport your pets to different locations. It is a place where your pets will sit safely when you are driving or sitting on an aeroplane/train, etc. A chinchilla travel cage, on the other hand, is a place where your pet resides for a long duration. For example, if you are staying at a hotel or a friend’s place, you should invest in a temporary travel cage for your chinchillas so that they are safe and active. Ensure that these cages are airy, large, comfortable, safe and fitted with all kinds of chinchilla accessories to keep your pets occupied.

Recommended chinchilla carriers

  1. Kaytee Hamster Come Along Carrier

This is one of the best chinchilla carriers that helps your pet to be safely transported when you travel. It comes with excellent vinyl interiors and airy mesh exteriors to give your pets enough ventilation. This carrier is available in small, medium and large sizes as well to suit the sizes and requirements of your pets. Once your pet is inside these cages, you can be assured of its safety.

  1. Ware Manufacturing Twist-N-Go Carrier

Are you going on short trips or planning to visit the vet? This chinchilla carrier would be of great use for you. This carrier is made from high-quality nylon material with premium zippers. In addition to this, it also comes with scratch- resistant screens to keep your animals safe and healthy. You can collapse it easily when it is not in use. This compact carrier works excellently for chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs and hamsters.


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