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Iguanas for Sale - What to Know and Where to Find One - KBMDC

What to Know about Pet Iguana Purchase Before Owning One

Buying a pet is one of the most important decisions in your life, isn’t it? It is not only about the financial investment involved in this decision, but also your time and effort that is required for the same, that makes it quite an important decision. Pets like cats and dogs prove to be good friends as they grow and they don’t require you to monitor them always. However, an iguana is not like that. IT is different from most of the pets in this world.

An intimidating factor about iguanas is their size. On an average, an iguana grows up to 4 to 5 feet in length, which is almost equal to the size of an adult. They grow at a tremendous pace and become too big for the cages that you have planned for them. Hence, it is very important to set up a large, spacious and airy cage before you plan to buy an iguana as a pet. They don’t come cheap as well. Read through the following article to know of some of the basic points that you need to know before buying pet iguanas.

  1. Source of purchase

Most of the times, online pet stores, retail pet stores and adoption centers may advertise about offering an iguana for sale. If you have been wanting to get a pet iguana but have been putting off this idea due to the high price, this may look like a golden opportunity for you. However, you should be very careful before trusting these stores. More often than not, they may offer sick iguanas at low prices, in a bid to fool you. If you are looking to buy a healthy and active iguana, you have to choose a professional breeder for the same. Choose a breeder who has enough experience in dealing with iguanas, as he can advise you accordingly on the type that would suit your requirements.

  1. Choose the type of iguana

When you hear about offers about pet iguanas for sale, you should visit the breeders and check the different types of iguanas on which the offer is valid. Green iguanas are the most common species of all. Red and blue iguanas are quite heavy, require more maintenance and are thus, costlier. You should be well aware of the different types of iguanas, their requirements, their maintenance cost and all other related factors. This will help you take the right decision.

  1. Check iguanas carefully

Usually, you should be very careful when you buy things that are on sale. This rule applies to iguanas as well. When any breeder or pet store offers an iguana for sale, never trust them blindly and decide hastily to invest in it. You should first personally meet the iguanas and check its condition thoroughly. Check its body to see if there are any open wounds and toenails to see if there are any cuts. You should observe iguanas carefully to see if they show any signs of fatigue or other disorders. This step is very important if you want to make a good deal while buying pet iguanas for sale.

  1. Setting up cages and filling supplies

When you are buying an iguana for sale, you should have already done the groundwork of getting its enclosure ready. You might be buying a baby or juvenile iguana; however, you should remember that these reptiles very quickly. It is very important to invest in a cage that is at least 6 feet tall, to accommodate the size and movement of these huge lizards.  One of mandatory things would be to invest in UVB lights as well because these lights help iguanas to absorb the calcium in their diet. For UVA lighting, you have to expose your iguanas to natural sunlight.

With respect to supplies, you can invest in good iguana toys. Though these reptiles don’t love toys very much, you can still invest in cost-effective stuffed animals that your iguanas would love. Ensure that you invest in green toys, because your pets love this color.  Iguanas love to go outdoors; hence, it is necessary to buy a good iguana leash as well. With these leashes, you can control your pets better and take them to various places. You need to remember one important point here – it takes a long time for your pets to get accustomed to these leashes, so be patient. Water bowls kept in the cages should be very big as sometimes your pets would love to splash and play in the same.

If you are going to buy cage for your iguana, please check our in-depth guide about Iguana Cages & Supplies.

  1. What do you need to own iguanas

Irrespective of whether you buy pet iguanas for sale or their original prices, there are few prerequisites that you need to fulfil. Here are some of the basic qualities expected from you if you want to become an iguana owner:

  • Iguanas need a lot of love and connection with you; hence you need to be very soft and considerate towards them.
  • Taming an iguana takes a great deal of time; you need to be very patient to bring your pet under your control.
  • The average lifespan of an iguana is at least 20 years. Hence, this is a long-term project. You should be committed enough to care and monitor your pet for such a long time. Never buy an iguana with an idea of abandoning it midway.
  • Iguanas love to stay in their enclosures. Yes, they love to move about, but only within their enclosures. So if your job requires you to travel too frequently and if that requires you to leave your iguana alone at your home, you cannot be a proper owner.
  • Iguana foods should contain a proper mix of fruits, vegetables, grains, calcium, vitamins and other minerals daily in the correct ratios. You should constantly learn about the same and feed healthy foods so that they remain active and healthy all through their lives.
  1. Iguana foods should never be force fed

When you buy an iguana and set it up nicely within the enclosure that you have so painstakingly built, you should be patient enough to allow your pet to get used to its home.  It should first get adjusted to the heat and light settings that you have installed in the enclosures. They also love to play hiding games. So, ensure you keep perches and other hideouts to make the enclosure look like a jungle for the iguana. They are not very social animals; hence, don’t make the mistake of accommodating more than one iguana in a cage.

Once your pet gets used to the surroundings, it will start accepting foods properly. Until then, never force feed them, as it can lead to digestive and kidney issues. For the first few days, when they are not eating the foods that you give, ensure that your pet gets enough calcium, vitamins and water every day. These are the basic nutrients that are required for its health. After a week or so, you can start feeding fruits and vegetables normally.

It costs a lot of money, time and effort to maintain iguanas as pets. So, even though you make a good deal when you buy pet iguanas for sale, you might still have to shell out a large sum for the pet’s cage, food, supplies, medical charges and the like. Hence, do a thorough analysis and buy an iguana from the right source, so that there are no disappointments later.

To have a full knowledge about what to feed your iguana, read our in-depth guide on Iguana Food.


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