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Hedgehog food list - What to feed hedgehogs - KBMDC

Hedgehog food list – What to feed hedgehogs

Hedgehogs should be fed with nutritional food so that they will be active and you will contribute to the enhancement of their lifespan as well. The natural diet offered to the hedgehog includes slugs, caterpillars, worms and ground beetles. You can also offer combination food to these pets which include meat-based cat food or dog, sunflower hearts, and dried meal worms. As hedgehogs are lactose-intolerant, you should not offer bread and milk.

Our team recommends to choose Spikes Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food to keep your hedgehog healthy and happy.

What to feed hedgehogs?

You should be aware of the right kind of hedgehog food so that it will be active. If the hedgehog lives in wild, its diet comprises of insects. Even though hedgehogs love insects, you will not want to feed them when you domesticate them. You will want to feed one to two tablespoons of food per day so that you can understand the fact that hedgehog food is very inexpensive. The primary food of a hedgehog is plainly simple.

You should follow the hedgehog food list and guidelines so that its needs can be fulfilled in a very efficient way. You can take a printout of the overview of hedgehog food items so that it will be very convenient to feed the animal with right kind of food items.

Food bowl should be positioned in the cage near the entrance and the food should be offered at the same time on each day. The bowl should be cleaned and maintained on regular basis so that it will not contact any disease. You should be aware of hedgehog diet restrictions as well so that wrong food items will not be served and its health condition will not be compromised.

By offering the best hedgehog food, you will not overload the sensitive digestive system. If right kind of food is not served to the pet, it will become obese and there will be many health issues. Dairy products should be avoided, but you can offer small quantities of yogurt and cottage cheese not more often than once a week.

Hedgehogs are dependent upon low-fat diet. Even though they can eat meat, it should be limited and excess amount of red meat should be avoided. Hedgehogs are used to insects when they live in wild. However, you should avoid bait shop insects as they contain toxic elements. Fruits such as grapes and raisins should be avoided. Nuts are not easily digested by hedgehogs and they feel difficult to digest as well.

There are many nutritious items which you can use to feed hedgehog. Hedgehog likes a variety of food items. Hence, you can offer various foods items as snacks apart from regular meals. The main portion of hedgehog’s diet should be dry foods and they will have right amount of fat to protein ratio. Hedgehog nutrition is very much important so that you should take special precautions to make the most of your time, effort and money.

As the food is already inexpensive, you should consider buying food offered by reputed brands which is specifically prepared for hedgehogs so that they will get the nutrition without fail. Our top recommendation for hedgehogs is Spikes Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food, as it contains every necessary ingredient to keep your hedgehog healthy. However, you should still change food sources for your hedgehog from time to time.

In case you are out of specialized hedgehog food, you can offer high protein, low fat dry cat food for hedgehogs as the fat ratio will be in the same level as that of insectivore’s diet. You should not choose baby cat food as it contains high amount of fat. You should always choose low-fat food so that the pet will be able to digest it very easily. You should choose hedgehog food which offers healthy food to enhance the health of the pet.

If you choose to provide food yourself, the food should contain 30% protein and 15% fat. Some breeders recommend mixing of few different types of at food so that there will be great nutrition. Feeding a hedgehog will not be a gigantic task if you are aware of its requirements. Variety of items can be served during the meal time and in between meals. Some special food items can be served once in a week so that the pet will be very active and its lifespan can be enhanced successfully.

Occasional fruit treat should be offered so that the pet will be healthy and happy. However, remember to avoid grapes and Large amount of fruits should not be offered as they contain high amounts of sugar.

Most types of meat can be offered to hedgehogs. However, you should follow certain guidelines. You should never offer raw meat to hedgehog. Processed or canned meat should not be offered to the pet.

The following insects can be offered to the pet:

  • Crickets
  • Silkworms or mealworms

You should ensure that insects are farm-raised. Farm-raised insects are free from chemicals and insecticides. You should not feed insects that are available in your garden or the bait shop.

Hedgehog dietary needs can be fulfilled by offering baby food makes. They contain required amount of fruits, vegetables and meats so that the hedgehog can digest it very easily. Hedgehogs enjoy banana, biscuits and chicken leftovers. You should not feed fish-flavored cat or dog food, pork, bread and milk.

You should want to buy the right kind of hedgehog feeding bowl. The bowl will be convenient for the pet as well as caregiver. It can be cleaned very easily and you can keep the surroundings clean.

8in1 Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet is a product which can be suggested for hedgehogs. The product is designed to feed all ages groups. It contains high animal proteins and amino acids. The product has exact amount of vitamins and minerals as well.

‘Sunseed Company-Vita Prima Hedgehog Treat-Wigglers & Berries’ is another product which comes with delicious mealworms and berries. The product comes with high protein content so that it will serve the needs of hedgehogs without any issues. If you are looking for high quality hedgehog food, you can offer the treat occasionally. The product has natural foraging instincts.

‘Pretty Pets Premium Headgehog Food 3LB’ is another treat for hedgehog, prepared with wholesome vegetables. You can use it as a training treat as well.

If you choose to go for different product, before placing an order online, you should be aware of the brand and the ingredients used for the preparation of the product. There are certain kinds of products which are suitable for specific species of hedgehog only. Hence, you should go through the complete information so that the most appropriate hedgehog food can be selected so that your pet’s needs are fulfilled in the best possible way.

Hedgehog will be your best companion when you take care of your needs. The lifespan of the pet will double in captivity as you will be able to provide better food and living conditions. The cage and various accessories that you provide with it will certainly enhance the activity and there will be great satisfaction.

If the hedgehog is sick, you will want to take additional care. The food should be chosen selectively so that it will recover very quickly and regains its health. The food quantity and varieties should be changed as per its whims and fancies so that the pet will maintain the normal activity. You can also follow the latest and best practices as suggested by experts so that the hedgehog will be active and healthy. You should offer the food as per the advice given by the veterinarian in case it gets sick.

In addition, you could read even furthermore about your hedgehogs needs and deeper insights about its behavior by reading Kate Pellham’s complete book “Hedgehogs: The Essential Guide to Ownership & Care for Your Pet”.

We hope we have answered all your questions about what do hedgehogs eat and this will be a guideline for you to keep your hedge healthy and active!

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