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Best Armadillo Traps - How to catch armadillos - Reviews (Update 2020)

Best Armadillo Traps – How to get rid of armadillos

If you are thinking about ways to how to get rid of Armadillo attacks from your home and locality or how to set armadillo trap, you should first understand certain facts about them. They are small to medium sized. They grow to a maximum length of about 15 cm. There are different species of these armadillos, and the longest one has a length of about 150 cm. Armadillo trapping is quite a challenging activity because these animals move very quickly. Though their vision is poor, they make up for this with their excellent sense of smell. They are also known for their excellent digging skills. When you are setting up a trap, you should watch out for some deep burrows in your home as they can give you clues about the presence of armadillos.

Where do armadillos reside and what their eating habits?

Due to their swimming skills, armadillos are usually spotted near sources of water. However, they also love to reside in places of human habitats. If you want to become an expert in trapping armadillos, look for burrows or holes in your driveways, sheds, gardens, woodpiles and the like. With the help of their sharp claws, armadillos enter into your homes/gardens very easily.  They are mostly active during the night, and they are spotted in the summer season.

When you plan to set up an armadillo trap, you should give due consideration to the bait as well. Armadillos love insects and their larvae. Scorpions, worms and spiders are highly preferred by armadillos.  Hence, you need to prepare your baits carefully. An important point to note is that there is a huge difference between armadillos and other pests. Baits are not always successful in a trap.

When you spot an armadillo, it is very important to trap them or kill them not only because they cause damages to your pets/ property. They are carriers of various diseases. One of the common diseases that they carry is leprosy. They are also carriers of bacteria that cause rabies, digestive disorders, diarrhea, vomiting and other complex illnesses.

How to get rid of an armadillo

There are two ways of getting rid of armadillos – natural remedies and traps.  Some of the natural remedies that you can adopt are given below:

  • Keep your gardens, driveways, decks and other relevant places free of litter and insects. Insects and worms attract armadillos to these places.
  • Build and bury a fence at least one foot under the soil to stop armadillos from entering inside
  • Install chicken wire around your plants, landscapes and other important places if you are thinking of ways to how to get rid of Armadillo attacks
  • If you find any open holes on the ground, use mud and mothballs to cover it. The smell of the mothballs drives armadillos away
  • Spread a generous amount of ammonia, vinegar, human hair, pine needles and other smelly items in the areas that are prone to armadillo visits. The armadillo trapping activity turns out to be effective when you use these strategies

Armadillo trapping

A trap is the best way to get rid of these animals. Killing them is not legal; therefore, you have to invest in a good live trap that catches the animal successfully. After trapping armadillos, you have to carry the cage carefully to a safe location and release the animal in a suitable place. Before releasing the armadillos at any place, it is highly recommended that you check with the local jurisdictions to be sure that what you are doing is legal.

The best and most human way of trapping is with the help of a live cage trap. This trap should have a swift door mechanism so that it closes immediately after the animal is caught inside. If you are wondering about how to catch armadillos successfully, invest in a trap which is at least 30 inches in length, 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide. In other words, a trap that is big enough to catch raccoons should be alright for armadillo trapping as well.

Points to remember while setting the armadillo trap

  • Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind if you are thinking of taking care of armadillos successfully:
  • Choose the right sized trap (preferably traps for catching raccoons)
  • Unlike other pests, armadillos do not get lured by any baits
  • Choosing the right location of armadillo trap will help you master the art of “how to get rid of Armadillo ”
  • Trapping armadillos becomes easy if you can locate the main burrow; armadillos can sometimes dig up to 30 burrows at a time
  • If you want to trap an armadillo successfully, place the trap on the pathway that leads to the main burrow or any other small burrows; you can also place the trap right on top of the burrow
  • Ensure that the trap is clean and free of any scents; place it flat on the ground to enable easy entry of the animal
  • Once you have learnt how to catch armadillos, you should learn how to release them as well; cover the cage-trap with a cloth and take it to a distance which is at least 5 miles away from your home before releasing the animal

Which is the best armadillo trap?

Some effective traps for armadillos that are available in the market are listed below. Read the features, understand more about them and then choose the one that suits your requirements and cost constraints.

  1. eXtreme Products Professional Rear Release Box Trap

If you are looking for the best and durable armadillo trap, this is the right choice for you. eXtreme Products never disappoints its users regarding releasing high-quality cage traps. This professional rear release box comes with a complete steel reinforcing layer around the trap, which lends the much-needed durability. It is multi-functional as well. When you invest in this trap, you will not only know how to catch armadillos, but you will also get rid of pests like feral cats, groundhogs, possums, skunks, rabbits and the like. It comes with the following features:Great way of getting rid of armadillos in 2017.

  • Spring-load mechanism
  • Quick assembly
  • Bait tray made from heavy duty galvanised steel
  • Rear door with steel frame, combined with locking handles
  • Easy portability features, thanks to the carrying handles


  1. Advantek 20050B Catch & Release Live Animal Trap

Are you looking for ways of getting rid of armadillos in the most humane way possible? This trap from Advantek will solve your problem in a hassle-free manner. This trap is very easy to assemble and use. It comes with a swift set mechanism, which enables the animal to be captured as soon as it sets foot inside the trap. It is known for catching rabbits and racoons as well in a very humane way. It comes with the following features:Greatest trap to catch armadillo in the world in 2017.

  • Smooth internal edges that prevent any harm or injury to armadillos when caught
  • Spring-load door mechanism that ensures immediate trapping
  • Rust-resistant wire Mesh made from sturdy and galvanised steel
  • Fully assembled and can be used on the go
  • Ideal for armadillos, rabbits, racoons, groundhogs, possums, stray cats and other medium-sized pets
  • One of the best catch and release mechanisms ever


  1. Havahart 1089 Collapsible One-Door Live Animal Cage Trap

Havahart is a name to reckon with in the field of live animal cage traps. This trap is no exception to this rule. If you have been thinking of ways to how to get rid of armadillo infestations in your home or office, investing in this trap is the best solution for you. This trap is quite sturdy as it made from high-quality galvanized steel coated wire mesh. This mesh is resistant to dust and corrosion; therefore, you can be assured of the quality and durability of this trap. Some of the remarkable features of this product are:Best tips on how to get rid of armadillo in backyard.

  • Smaller mesh opening than most of the competitor cage traps to avoid animal escapes
  • Sturdy steel mesh that is of high quality
  • Ideal for catching armadillos, possums, groundhogs, racoons, stray cats and other similar pests
  • Spring-load mechanism powered by trigger sensors for quick capture of animals
  • Smooth internal edges to avoid injuries to animals
  • Handle guards and solid doors for easy portability
  • Collapsibility for easy storage


  1. OxGord Live Animal Trap

Are you looking for an effective trap that doubles up as an effective mechanism for getting rid of other similar-sized pets as well? This live cage trap from OxGord seems to be the answer to all your problems. This humane trap works effectively in trapping armadillos, rabbits, stray cats, squirrels, racoons, moles, gophers, chicken, possums, skunks and chipmunks. You can get rid of infestations of all these pests in your home, with one single product, which is amazing. Some of the remarkable features of this armadillo trap are:Example of how to catch armadillos.

  • Preassembled trap made from heavy duty steel
  • Easy catch and capture mechanism
  • Solid doors and handle guards enable easy portability
  • Compatibility with various kinds of pests
  • Smooth edges ensure that animals are not injured
  • High-quality and durable steel mesh that captures animals immediately
  • Easy to use and maintain


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