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Dog caskets | Pet caskets | Cat coffins – Caskets Reviewed - KBMDC

Pet Caskets – How to choose the right casket

Pets add beauty and charm to our lives. They are our constant companions through thick and thin. Their cuddles are huge stress busters for us after a long day’s work. So, losing a pet is one of the most sorrowful moments for us, undoubtedly. We cannot undo certain things in life. Yes, we cannot bring our pets back to life; however, the least we can do for them is to set a good resting place for them. This is where pet caskets play a big role.  Pets give us their all, isn’t it? As a token of gratitude, it is our duty to choose dog caskets or pet caskets with great care and caution. The following article will give you an overview about choosing the right caskets for your beloved dogs, cats or other pets.

Pet caskets come in various sizes and shapes. The best highlight about these dog coffins and cat coffin sets was that you could buy a style that you wanted and then personalize it as per your wishes. While personalizing these animal coffins, you have a great degree of flexibility to choose from various styles and themes. You can choose themes that matched their personality, hobbies and the style of your beloved pets. In short, these caskets are symbols that make you remember the good times spent with your pets. They have a lot of sentimental value attached to them. Though many people prefer wooden pet caskets, there are lots of other novel and biodegradable materials as well in the making to cater to the requirements of pet owners today.

Dog coffins and cat coffin sets are available in plenty with retail and online stores. It is very important to choose the right caskets because this is the last time you would be able to do anything for your pets. Don’t you want to bid the final farewell in style and gratitude? What better way to choose perfect animal coffins so that your pets can rest in peace inside them?

What to note while choosing pet caskets

There are two important questions that you should ask yourself when choosing dog or cat caskets:

a) should the casket remain on the ground for a long time.

b) should the casket be environment-friendly.

Finding out answers to these questions is very important because it will help you decide on the material of the casket.

For caskets that need to remain on soil for a long time

In cases where you want your pet caskets to remain on the soil for a long time, you can opt for materials like wood, steel and plastic. Though they are not very environment-friendly, these dog coffins and cat coffin sets ensure that suit your requirements. You can place these pet caskets very deep under the ground so that they are safe from attacks from other predators. Most of these animal coffins are quite portable as well. You can take these dog coffins out from your gardens and move them to your new location with ease and comfort.

For caskets that are environment-friendly

Animal caskets that are biodegradable will help the body of your pets combine with the environment in a very natural and non-toxic process. Tree bark and paper are two of the most common materials that are used for making biodegradable caskets for dogs, cat caskets and all other kinds of animal coffins. These pet caskets are preferred by people who are very conscious about the cleanliness and hygiene of the environment.

Sizing of the caskets

You have to choose the right size of dog caskets and other cat coffin sets if you want to rest your pets comfortably in it. There is an important point to remember in this regard. Once you have taken the length, width and height measurements of your pets, ensure that you get wooden pet caskets or other animal caskets done at least a couple of inches bigger than the actual measurements. This will help you to accommodate your pets inside the animal coffins very comfortably, even in cases of extra padding layer present.

Closure of cat caskets

It is very important to get your cat caskets or any other caskets sealed properly so that there are no unfortunate incidents at the time of burial or cremation. There is two main types of animal coffins closure that you should be aware of – friction fit and adhesive. A friction fit is one where the lid of the dog or cat coffin automatically closes when it is pressed. Adhesive type is one where an additional glue or tape is used for sealing the caskets securely.

When buying pet coffins

Many times online and retail stores advertise pet coffins for sale at a good discount. While this is the best time to buy pet caskets, this is also the time when you need to be careful. If you are not aware of the fundamental concepts of caskets, you can be easily exploited by the sellers. Hence, it is important to know about the various materials available, some of the best brands in each type of casket, durability, purpose of each material and the like. This way, you can get a good deal when you buy classic wooden pet caskets or other animal coffins.

Some of the highly recommended pet caskets

  1. Economy Pet Casket

This is one of the most classic pet caskets. It comes in black and white colors. It is also available in sizes of small, medium and large. This cat coffin can be used as dog caskets or any other caskets as well. It has been designed with the main aim of giving the final farewell to your pets in full class and elegance. It is made from non-biodegradable materials like polystyrene. These caskets are known for their extra protection at the time of sealing. They come with an additional sealing tape (double sided) to enable permanent sealing.

The dimensions of the small, medium and large dog coffins from this brand of Pet Memory Shop are 18 x 10 x 8, 24 x 12 x 8 and 32 x 16 x 11 respectively. There is a tip from the manufacturer for measuring your pet perfectly. Consider the distance between your pet’s nose and tail base for length, between its knees and its top of the back for its width and distance between the outsides of both the shoulders for its height.

  1. Paws Rest Premium Pet Casket

If you are willing to splurge on your cat coffin and give your pets the best send-off, this exquisite handcrafted cat casket from Paws Rest is the right choice for you. The brand is known for its classic and elegant products, and this casket is no exception to this rule. One of the first things that catch your eye when you view these pet caskets is the expertise of the artistry of the artisans who designed it.

Beauty in light almond color, the royal look of these cat coffin sets or dog coffins is accentuated by the presence of velvet interiors in the same shade. Your pet will also get a velvet pillow to rest in peace comfortably inside these caskets. You can also notice the design of the sun on the interiors of the lid of this casket. The casket comes with a high-quality latch which keeps the door thoroughly secured and carrying handles which make this casket portable.

  1. Deluxe Pet Casket

This is one of the most beautiful caskets ever from Pet Memory Shop. These dog coffins are classified in the “deluxe” category because they come with high-quality satin interiors, which include a mattress and pillow in matching colors. These dog coffins come in various colors like blue, silver, gold and pink. They are available in sizes of small, medium and large as well to suit the different sizes of your pets.

This dog coffin can also be used as a cat coffin. It is made from a non-biodegradable, air-tight and waterproof material known as polystyrene. The external portion is made in a two-piece design. You get an additional tape along with this dog casket to enable permanent sealing of the coffin. The maximum weight capacity of the small, medium and large –sized caskets is 40 lbs, 65 lbs and 110 lbs respectively.

Buying pet caskets online

There are lots of caskets site offering you a wide range of discounts on dog coffins, cat caskets and all other animal coffins. However, you should never be tempted to choose the caskets that have the least price. You should remember that you only get what you pay for. Buying a cat coffin that is priced very low will lead you to compromise on the quality. You wouldn’t want to do injustice your pet’s final journey by choosing a sub-standard coffin, would you?

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