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Iguana Cages - Best Small & Large Iguana Cages For Sale - Reviewed

Iguana’s cage and supplies – Best choice of cages for your Iguana

Of all the reptiles, iguanas are the most commonly preferred as pets. You need to take care of iguana cage and feeding carefully so that your pets don’t fall sick too often. When you build iguana cages, you should give enough importance to the space factor. Though iguanas are not very social animals, they grow at a staggering rate, especially within the first few months. Therefore, it is a must to build large reptile cages to make your pets comfortable.  Pet’s cage is also known by different names like iguana tank, iguana enclosure and iguana aquarium. Irrespective of the name by which it is known, the basic purpose remains the same, that is, to keep your pets, safe and healthy inside.

Types of iguana pets

It is important to know about the different types of iguanas before designing cages for them. Here is the complete list of the iguana varieties and a brief overview about each of them.

  1. Green Iguana – This is one of the most common types of iguanas available in the world today. Their average length and weight are 5 feet and 9 kg respectively. Though they are known as green iguanas, they are available in colors like pink, black and blue. Ensure that you buy a green iguana cage if you want your pets to stay comfortable and healthy.
  2. Red Iguana – These are not exactly red in color, but they are available in shades of a reddish orange. Their stomachs have a shade of green in them, which is why they are considered similar to the green iguanas. Both of these types require similar care, feeding styles and attention.
  3. Desert Iguana – These are very fast and love to reside in the sands. They are available in shades of grey or white. One of the major highlights of this type is that it changes colours all through the day. When you are thinking of getting them as pets, you should consider building an iguana tank as they are very comfortable in them.
  4. Rhinoceros Iguana – This type is considered as a “protective animal”. It is named thus because its nose protrudes out like the horns of a rhinoceros.
  5. Angel Island Chuckwalla – This is a large iguana, which has peculiar body features. It can inflate its lungs to a great extent. You need large iguana cages if you want to grow them as pets.
  6. Grand Cayman Iguana – Known as the world’s oldest lizard types, this Grand Cayman Iguana is also referred to as the blue iguana. It is an endangered species and is not available to people to buy as pets.
  7. Galapagos Land Iguana – This is also a protected species, and hence, it is not possible to buy them as pets from anywhere in the world.

Important points to note while choosing Iguana Cage

Here are few points that you need to keep in mind while setting up a cage in your house.

  1. Iguanas are not social animals; therefore, it is not a good idea to put more than one pet in a large iguana cage.
  2. An iguana aquarium is best enjoyed when it is made from the right material and contains the right temperature settings. Investing in an iguana tank that is at least 20 gallons is a good idea.
  3. An iguana enclosure should be made of glass, wood or Perspex. Use artificial grass, newspaper or easy to clean carpets as the lining for easy maintenance.
  4. Installing hiding places in large reptile cages is a must because iguanas love to get into something and hide there.
  5. Cages should contain separate temperature and lighting settings because these animals love warm climates. However, ensure that you don’t expose them to too much of warmth, as it can cause injuries in them. While setting up big iguana cages, remember to install heating facilities that run during the day and get switched off automatically during the night.
  6. You need to give due importance to the material while setting up branches within the cage. These animals tend to stay in the branches during most of the day.
  7. Plan for various supplies when you are deciding the design of the cage. Supplies should include branches, perches, water bowls, bath tubs, ramps, shelves and provision for additional heating and lighting arrangements.

Recommended pet iguana cages

  1. Dalle Craft Acrylic Reptile Terrarium Habitat for juvenile and small reptiles

This cage for iguana comes with a capacity of The best large reptile cage for sale you can find online in 2017.16 gallons and has measurements of 13.75 x 13.75 x 19.  If you want your pet iguanas to live in a healthy and happy environment, this is the right choice for you. This is one of those iguana cages that are ventilated and airy, thereby giving your pets, ample airflow throughout the day and night. Some of the excellent features of this cage are:

  • Made from high-quality, waterproof and transparent polymer material
  • Excellent light transmission rate, which ensures that your iguanas get ample exposure to natural sunlight all through the day
  • Transparent material helps you track your pets constantly
  • Comes with detachable features that make cleaning quite easy and hassle-free


  1. R-Zilla Fresh Air Screen Reptiles Habitat

Looking for a large iguana cage for sale? This isOne of the greatest large iguana cages for sale on the market. a cage that is known for its durability and reliability. Watch out if there are good offers on this model and save a great deal of money when you buy these types of iguana habitats for sale. Some of the features of this model are:

  • Frame made from durable and high-quality aluminium
  • Comes with black mesh screening, which ensures safety of your pets
  • The bottom layers are made from PVC plastic, which makes it waterproof
  • Comes with cord settings
  • Large and airy, giving an outdoor cage like feel
  • Hinged and Double door locks ensure that iguanas don’t escape from here
  • Great model for simulating desert and fresh air environments for your iguanas and other reptile pets


  1. Koller-Craft Repitat Flat-backed reptile habitat, 5 gallon

If you are looking for a small cage that is compact for your pets, this is the right model for you. It comes with a weight of 5 gallons and is made from high-quality materials to keep your pets safe and secure inside. Koller-Craft has earned a name for itself in reptile habitats, and it doesn’t disappoint pet owners with this model. Some of the features of this model are:Best iguana habitats for sale can be found here.

  • Made from clear acrylic which is resistant to impacts and stress
  • Great design of broad and flat backs, which make the iguana aquarium look spacy and airy
  • Guaranteed safety of the pets, thanks to the high quality of heavy duty metal screens
  • Made from non-toxic and child-friendly materials
  • Comes with a measurement of 10”x19””
  • One of best iguana cages on optimum viewing space


  1. Happy Pet Super Acrylic Cage for Reptiles and Amphibians

Are you looking for an cage that is cost-effective and safe for your pets? Do you want a cage that can be assembled in a jiffy? If yes, this model is the right choice for you. Like all other cages, you need to peel off the protective layer from both the sides, before you start assembling it. This is not only a cage which your iguana will enjoy but also a cage that offers lots of entertainment to your pets. Here are the excellent features of this product:Reptile and iguana enclosure for sale.

  • One of the first iguana cage to offer 360-degree view of the pets
  • Made from high-quality, transparent and effective polymer material, which has more light transmission rate than other materials
  • Comes with two huge ventilation holes on both sides, thereby ensuring that your pet gets constant airflow throughout the day
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors; very light weight makes it a breeze to move around this cage
  • Can be assembled and dismantled within a very short time
  • Cleaning and maintaining this cage is a breeze as it comes with detachable parts


Iguana toys

Iguanas, though not very social, love to play with various things. They enjoy activities like swimming, diving, leaping and jumping. In addition to all this, they expect iguana toys in their cages so that they can bite on to them or just touch them when they feel bored. Iguana toys is an important part of iguana supplies.  You cannot expect iguanas to play with their toys like the other pets or reptiles. They don’t get excited by throwing around their toys. They only love to touch them. Some of the iguana toys that are in high demand are clothes lying on your bed, stuffed animals, gloves, pool toys that can be inflated, etc.  Iguanas love the colour green; therefore, ensure that you choose toys in this colour.

Recommended Iguana Toys

Iguanas are not very particular about their toys. When you are buying iguana supplies, you can buy any stuffed toys or soft toys, and your pets will be happy with the same.  The following is a good choice:

  1. 15” Green Iguana Soft Toy

Though your pet iguanas may not lay with it, you can consider buying this soft toy for it. These are very soft and made from non-toxic materials, which make it safe for your pets.

Important points to note

Iguana toys are not very much liked by pets. They love to play with their food and water. They also love to leap and jump about the branches and perches that you include in the cage as part of iguana supplies. They also enjoy hiding in various places inside the cage. Therefore, you have to ensure that you install nice hideouts in the cage, to keep them entertained.  These are the iguana toys that you should invest in more than the actual soft, cuddly toys. Iguanas are different than other pets; therefore, they do not enjoy toys as much as other animals.

Iguana leash

Iguana leash is something that allows you to have better control over your pets when you take them outdoors.  This way, you don’t have to invest in a costly cage and monitor your iguana’s movement when it is outside. When your iguana is going to hit against a tree or get hurt, your iguana leash will help you to keep your pets safe. Also, a leash will expose your pets to more natural sunlight than the cages.

Yes, having outdoor cages is more challenging, however, having an iguana leash is not an easy task either. It requires you to invest a lot of time in training your pets to accept this leash and get adapted towards it. You have to wait patiently until your iguana happily accepts this leash wholeheartedly.

Recommended iguana leashes

  1. Generic Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash

If your iguana is small (chest length should be lesser than 23 cm), this is the ideal iguana leash for you. It comes with a length of 40 cm that can be adjusted as per your convenience. The harness width is around 0.7 cm, and it is one of the best models available today if you want to train your baby iguanas to walk well. Your baby pets will start loving this and will accept it within a short time. It can be conveniently held and adjusted to suit the length and comfort of your pets.

Common information about iguanas

Iguanas are lizards that are native to Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. They belong to the reptilian class and are of various types. If they are given the due care and concern, they can live up to 20 years also. These lizards are found in different colors, and they have spines that extend from all over their body. Their sizes can intimidate you a lot because the longest iguana is about 7 feet in length.

Iguanas with spines on their tails are the smallest of the lot. They grow only up to 39 inches. Their weights also vary according to their variety. The blue iguanas are considered to be the fattest; they weigh up to 14 kg. In spite of their strange physical features, iguanas make good pets. You can construct safe and beautiful iguana enclosure at your place to help them stay active, healthy and happy. Not many people are aware of the nitty-gritty that are involved in constructing an iguana tank. The following article aims to provide some light on this matter.


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