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4 Best Wet & Dry Cat Food Dispensers - Reviews - Veterinaries Choice - KBMDC

4 Best Wet & Dry Cat Food Dispensers – Reviews – Veterinaries Choice

What to look for & what to avoid by choosing cat food dispensers?

My cat Mary used to love eating most of all. Sometimes I thought she needed not exactly food but to eat what has been put on my plate. Having just started lunch, I usually found out her sitting deliberately on my knees waiting for the next delicious piece. At first, I joked that host’s food seems tastier than her feeding. However, after I had bought colored and multifunctional cat dispenser, something has gone astray. Afterwards, she always ate from her own plate and never tried to pull one piece off the table.

Nowadays people more and more often think how to please their pets. Nobody will get surprised if salesperson proposes to buy fantastic dispenser with voice recorder. Also, up-to-date best cat food dispensers allow revising how much has been eaten and when to fill the plate with the food. The system is able to be equipped with Wi-Fi and video camera to take photos of the most beloved cat. Isn’t it amazing? By the way, modern technologies give you chance to analyze the sorts of food eaten and build up analytics.

In this guide we have compared 4 best cat food dispensers which you might easily order online. Please, take a quick look to know a little bit better.




PortionProRx Automatic Pet Feeder
Westlink Automatic Pet Food Dispenser 6l
Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L
Oshide Automatic Feeder for Cats

Following see our deep reviews on the best cat food dispensers you can find on the market. Each hand picked from plenty other cat food dispensers which didn’t make the cut to be at the top four of our guide.

Best Cat Food Dispensers

The Portion Pro Rx company is famous for outstanding feeders intended both for dogs and cats. What amazes in their new product is multi-functionality. It seems that their automatic pet dispensers keep up with the times. Once being bothered about the problem known for all the pets owners, they thought how to avoid home fights for food. Actually, if you have got more than two animals, you have first-hand knowledge to prove that cats often struggle for feeding. They tend to take one more piece that does not belong to them. So, Portion ProRx Automatic Pet feeder has been designed to solve this problem.

While looking through numerous proposals, perhaps, you will be shocked at its price that it rather high. However, after looking carefully at the features, you are likely to understand the reason of huge cost.

Firstly, this dispenser has been tested by the vets and, therefore, got the highest appraisals. So, veterinary experts do think it is going to be a good choice! Secondly, it possesses specially designed functions to prevent food stealing. As well, it helps revise if the cat succeeded in getting the food thanks to the work of RFID system. The only disadvantage which could be outlined in case you have an eye for detail is the following one. If you have more than five pets in the house, this is necessary for you to buy extra feeders as their number is limited here.

Next, the so-called smart technology systems invaded the market of cat food dispensers, too. Actually, after buying you can forget about scales, portions and difficult task ‘how not to overfeed my cat’. The system is truly clever. At least, it is able to count daily amount of food and divide it up to 6 portions.



American company Westlink tries to do their best to stay on the top. Their new solutions have quickly gained popularity in the circles of people who own domestic animals, especially cats. Their up-to-date dispenser priced is designed in compliance with the smart technology. Let’s figure out why it hit the spot.

Amazing design is their pride and joy. Actually, if you are keen on aesthetic beauty, you will get really stunned after looking how your cat will be saturated. Being combined with the simple settings, it shows an example of truly humanized construction equipped with the huge capacity hopper 6L.

What makes this product worth attention is division into portions. It doesn’t matter how many meals you are going to propose to your pet. This dispenser will allow dividing the whole amount into diverse portions with the number of no more than 39 ones. As the creators have claimed, their idea was that different pets have various weights, thus, they need truly different amount of food. Smart dispensers will help to get deeply into it.

If you are likely to be afraid that once you are not at home, the pets will forget to eat, don’t be too scary. Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser is equipped with voice recorder and speaker. How does it work? Once you have chosen the sound for system, it will wake up your cats and call for the food. Indeed, they will never miss such an important process.

Technology is on the highest position here. Particularly, it is up to you to opt for the battery or charging adapter. Whatever is more comfortable, suits your better.



#3 Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L - Best Budget Pick

Chinese brand Iseebiz is brilliant at providing modern technologies. Recently it has come up with the newest ideas concerning the cat food dispensers. Well, they are proposing highly functional cat feeder at the more than reasonable price of $58.99. Let’s see if it is really cost-effective.

The total amount of meals is no more than four. The good news is that you have put the food into dispenser once a day and get up to 39 portions. The creators of automatic cat food dispenser claim to have worried so much about adjusting your cat to the right nutritional habits. It means the number of vet’s visits will be decreased.

The word ‘prevention’ has become trendy at the market of cat dispensers. The creators of modern feeding technologies try to prevent cats from obesity, illnesses, etc. Iseebiz are sure to be preventing from the food overflowing. Once the bowl is full, machine stops working. As well, they provide you with the possibility to record your voice during 10 seconds to say the words of love and care to your beloved pet. This is how you might be assured that they will not miss the meal if you are absent at home.

By the way, Iseebiz has thought a lot how to keep food always fresh. With the help of inserted technology put into the front part of dispenser, it will bring your cats only well-qualified food. 



#4 Oshide Automatic Feeder for Cats - Innovative Design

The technology producers VVAP might be boasting of numerous colorful solutions. Their food dispensers are truly funny and attractive. If your cat dislikes eating, it will be amazed by the simple yet original design.

Being considered as one of the best wet cat food dispensers, this feeder gives opportunity to the owners to stay far away from home all the daylong. You don’t need to wake up and rush to fill the containers with the food. System equipped with 6-portion division will do it for you. As well, do not be afraid of unexpected things. With the up-to-date voice recorder you cat will straightly head for the food at the necessary time of day.

What is also good from the medical point of view is prevention of overeating. Once you have operated the settings in compliance with your cat’s nutritional processes, it will be fed smaller or bigger portions. Even during your absence everything will happen as cat has been accustomed to. Multiple meals represent one more pleasant thing, by the way.



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